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Sup guys it's Alex here and it is time to fill out my 2016 NCAA tournament bracket video I've done it in 2013 14 and 15 they've all been pretty popular and a lot of people I'm able to get some tips and tricks from it so let's go ahead and start with 2016 hopefully you guys will be able to learn something new or I might even be able to help you pick the right winners of this tournament so it's good and start with the number one overall seed Kansa against Austin Peay that's gonna be easy Kansas and sorry for the different colored fonts there's blue and black my ink went out whenever I was writing the brackets down over there so Colorado Connecticut it's a good eight nine match up I'm gonna have to go with UConn they're currently on a huge momentum streak for overtime game against Cincinnati and then won their conference championship Maryland and South Dakota State gonna go Maryland their California Hawaii California they have Jalen Brown and Ivan web and I don't even know pronounce his last name but we're gonna go with Cal they're Arizona and Vanderbilt / Wichita State which is our first playing game we're gonna go Wichita State or Vanderbilt I think which I'll say it's gonna be Vanderbilt then upset Arizona that's the first upset of the tournament so far Miami Florida and Buffalo I'm gonna have to go with Miami Florida here Buffalo just hasn't impressed me too much they won their conference championship that's not good enough Iowa and temple there's gonna be a good 7 10 matchup temple was one of the bubble teams Iowa - but Iowa is gonna walk out of there with the W they beat Michigan State twice earlier in the season Villanova you didn't see Asheville that's easy Villanova it's gonna win there so in the next region we have Oregon as a number one seed that very much surprised me but we're gonna go with Oregon that's an easy W right there st. Joseph Cincinnati Cincinnati they are a really good mid-major team but I have to go with st. Joseph's they won the American oh I think it was a ten conference championship so I'm gonna have to go at st. Joe's they're getting that 8cw Baylor and Yael Yael first chant and saleability Tournament appearance since 1962 but I'm gonna have to go with Baylor here they've been playing really well all season long and have a lot more RPI top 50 wins in year Duke and UNC will I mean Wilmington gonna have to go with Duke I can see UNC Wilmington pulling off the upset there about I don't think it's gonna happen Northern Iowa in Texas this could be one of the picks for an upset Northern Iowa beat North Carolina as a number one seed earlier in the year I in some brackets I'll probably have them I have two actually against Texas I'm gonna go with Northern Iowa I think they might pull off the upset there that's one of the big picks for me Texas A&M Green Bay Texas A&M made it to the championship game of the SEC and loss to Kentucky so I'm gonna have to go with them VCU and Oregon State not in that order I don't...